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Pegs ‘R’ Us!

As you may already know, the bee and I are getting married in October. I have been full-on freaking out over most everything since both the ceremony and the family party/reception are on separate dates (yes, it’s like we’re doing DOUBLE the work) and both are almost 100% DIY but we’ve been trying to keep things level and sane by making the process as fun as possible. One of the BIGGEST elements of fun for us was getting ourselves PEG-I-FIED by Suzy at Naked Peggies

I was so totally impressed by the final product. I’m pretty sure she made us even cuter as wooden peg dolls then we ever could be in real life. Well, at least in my case… 

We first heard about Naked Peggies through Sending Postcards when they had their own peggies made in celebration of their nuptials

The peggies themselves can even be used as wedding cake or cupcake toppers

We decided to let ours live it up on our mantle where we intend to add peggies to the collection as our family grows. 

not a mouth, but a soul patch and a mole. respectively... (in case you just thought we have very specific and permanent dirt on our faces. because we dont. anymore.)



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a brolondringe-ish nest of significant mystery and intrigue…

First things first.

Friday will mark the one year anniversary of this ol’ girl on the interwebz, blog stylee… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this here post is entry number one-hundred-and-the-first for (me) and the bee

That’s all something worth celebrating, right? 

So, what better gift to get just days before but my very own custom-made Forest Campfire Clutch from my fan-tabulous friend Kate’s awesome Etsy store!!! 

it even goes with my chipped blue nail polish and rubber band bracelet!

As all former fake-redheads (who are too lazy/indecisive to touch-up their color so now it’s more of a brolondringe-ish nest of significant mystery and intrigue) know… 

green is a most complimentary color so I’m super happy with my clutch. 

It’s perfect for carrying some cash, your cell phone, lipstick and a mirror, except I wouldn’t keep any of THOSE things in mine. Instead I’d have my debit card which allows me greater spur-of-the-moment spending freedom while virtually negating the possibility of having to lend out cash to broke-ass hos. Nix the cell phone because who needs THAT burden? Keep the mirror, because I am vain, afterall. Just not “lipstick vain”, more like “has my uni-brow grown back?” vain. So, replace lipstick with tweezers and VOILA! you’ve got the essentials. 

Oh, and holy crap, y’all… 

Kate has made new stuff since the last time I featured her here

Like the Color Hysteria Clutch

She doesn’t know it yet, but I plan on putting Kate to work very soon because I’m buying everyone’s holiday gifts from her this year. 

I’m *thinking* you should too… 

Hopefully the bee won’t mind getting homemade dog treats in his stocking!


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Kate Is Great*

Long weekends tend to make for looooooooooooong transitions back to the real world.

Here it is Wednesday and I’m just starting to rise out of the fog.

It’s hot as holy hell around here and if you give me a minute I’ll think of more things to complain about.

If I spent the same amount of time actually doing the things I need to be more productive and motivated instead of just bitching about shit and fantasizing about mid-day naps, I would have completed more this weekend than just setting up my dress-form and getting the bejeezus scared out of me everytime I woke up in the middle of the night to see the shadowy form of its naked, headless, legless body standing just feet from our couch/bed.

truth is *i* didn't even put it together. the bee did. -10 points for me...

The dress-form is supposed to be the first step of many on my path to sartorial success on Etsy. I have to remind myself to stay positive despite the fact that the last thing I made was this, preceded only by this.

Clearly I’m far from prolific but I hope if once I get some free time in the near future I can get crackin’ with all of this pent-up creativity itching to burst from my fingertips.

Speaking of Etsy…

My friend Kate, who moved to California earlier this year to escape the evils of the East Coast, has her own Etsy shop up and running and her creations are FAB-TABULOUS!

Kate sells her own custom-made crocheted & knit items along with vintage home goods and gorgeous photo prints.

Do you have a dog?

Well HOLY SHIT, yo. Kate even makes her own dog treats!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand to sweeten the pot even more, Etsy is currently having their Christmas in July sale so select items in her store are 10-20% off their already freakishly reasonable prices!

So hop to, people! The Forest Campfire Clutch has my name written all over it so you should probably hurry…

*also happens to be my favorite Bouncing Souls song.

So there.


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