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The Union, Forever

This Sunday, (me) and the bee get married. 

We’re both incredibly excited and more than a little relieved, mainly because after Sunday we can finally take a deep breath and relax a bit before our celebratory marriage party, held 2 weeks after that. 

The other day we both confided in each other how we *kind of* couldn’t wait for it all to be over so things can go back to normal. I’ve never planned a wedding before and I’m sure it’s a different experience for everyone, but for me, aside from being a fun and exciting opportunity to flaunt my creative feathers, it has been EXHAUSTING

The last few months have been a blur of planning and scheduling and arranging and procuring. I can honestly say I will be very grateful when we can look back on this with a smile because all our hard work really paid off but even more so because I’ll be looking back. Hopefully from the comforts of my living room. With no future plans other than: What poor excuse for a meal will I be stuffing my face with this evening? 

I thought I’d share some photos we took back in April when we brought our lomo-cams out with us to the park we inevitably chose as our ceremony locale. We went back there this past weekend to scout out the perfect spot. Instead, we found MULTIPLE places we think we might want to use for such a momentous occasion. 

We figure it’ll all sort itself out that day. Plus, everything else about our wedding plans have been last-minute so why start doing things any differently now! 

a path through the park*

a view of the lake **

a lonely daffodil on the fence*

me, on a park bench overlooking a potential location for our vow exchange**

*taken by (me) with a Holga fitted w/ a fish eye lens 

**taken by the bee with a Diana F+ fitted w/ an instant back (comes out like a Polaroid, only smaller)



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Random Ramblings on Birthdays, Presents, and Paranormal Activity

Posting will be scarce for the next week or so as I have a heaping helping of steaming hot crap on my plate that requires my undivided attention. It’s not all bad though, it’s just that I may have over booked myself (yet again) and although the next few days into weeks will be a blast, I’ve got A LOT to do between then and now. The ‘ween costume is steadily coming along, though I have been completely lax in making progress this week, but I blame the birthday festivities for most of my laziness in that department. Speaking of birthdays and the subsequent gifts, just look at what The Bee got me this year:


JACK Holga

a fish eye lens

a fish eye lens

plus some filters, one of them peppermint swirled!

plus some filters, one of them peppermint swirled!

The Jack/Holga has been on my wish list since it first became available 2 years ago. It made its first showing in 1982 (just like me!) and produces some truly trippy images, sort of fuzzy otherworldly pictures that make you question what year they were taken in. I thought all was lost when I (wrongly) discovered that these were no longer available through whitestripes.com.  The Bee must have worked some magic or something because I was TOTALLY surprised when he put this hot little item in my lap on my special day. For additional info on these limited edition cameras (only 3,000 were made!) check out this page where you can get some background on the cameras (Meg has her own special edition Diana+) and view some amazing pictures taken with them. I can’t wait to shutterbug it with my new piece!!!

So we saw Paranormal Activity the other night and neither of us have been sleeping very well since. I was hesitant to see it for a while because my mind usually works overtime when it comes to freaking myself out and it doesn’t take much to do that in the first place so I KNEW I was in for it with this piece of filmic terror. Add that to the fact that we ALREADY think our place is haunted and it’s a recipe for a lot of sleeplessness. So you may ask, WHY do we believe our place is haunted? Well, I’ll tell you in a lovely little listed format:

1.  After having been moved into our apartment for about 2-3 weeks, The Bee was pulling a t-shirt off of a shelf, when, layered in between the folds of 2 shirts on the BOTTOM of the pile, he discovered a little figurine of a naked man and woman seated next to each other, sort of in the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” vein. He insists to this day that it was NOT there when we first moved in and that it showed up only after we had been there for some time and I believe him. So yeah, it kind of freaked me out BUT being that I’m not in the business of pissing off the departed or otherworldly, I have kept the figurine amongst our other knick-knacks on a shelf in our bedroom.

2.  We have a GIANT sized attic. It spans the entire length and width of our apartment. You can actually stand up quite comfortably there and for a time we had considered it for renovation into a craft areas or workshop when we first moved in (bright eyed and naïve as we were). So anyway, since the first moments of setting foot in the place the attic has creeped. us. out. It has a lock on the door, which I maniacally check upon every time I pass it so that if I see the knob twisted to even the slightest degree  I immediately run to The Bee to confirm he has been up there recently (that’s not to say he doesn’t torture me relentlessly about having “no idea what I’m talking about”. Yeah, thanks for that.) Ok, the point I’m trying to reach is that we hear noises from the attic OFTEN. At first, it was dismissed as an old house creaking, yeah, until we realized that the sounds distinctly sounded like footsteps. I know. CREEPY. Oh yeah, so I mentioned it has a lock on the door. My question is WHY? I figure the only good reason for that is to lock out whatever lives up there from the rest of the house. Not that that has stopped the activity elsewhere…

And here’s where my silly little story gets a little too real for my liking…

3.  So it happens that from time to time I will “see things” in the apartment. Mainly just shadows or a flash of movement in an area that no “natural” shadows should lurk, i.e. sunlight or reflections from shiny objects, etc.. This doesn’t bother me so much, I always felt that whatever presence is in our house was a gentle one since I had never had any reason to believe otherwise. Kind of like it looked over us, hence the presentation of the man/woman figurine as a sort of welcome gift. Maybe I was wrong. A few months ago, I had a terrifying experience while sleeping. It was late morning, perhaps 9:00AM or so, and The Bee had left for work and I was sleeping in on a rare day off from work. I had only fallen back to sleep recently as I usually have difficulty drifting off once The Bee leaves. I was sleeping on the opposite side of the bed than my usual, next to the window instead of next to the door. I had passed out on my stomach and was experiencing what I can best describe as a lucid or waking dream moment. I was aware of my surroundings though I was in an extreme state of physical slumber, something like a sleep paralysis where your mind feels completely alert but your body will just NOT respond. So in my prostrate position, I first felt a pressure on the bed, as though someone had taken to sitting on the edge of the mattress next to my body. Within moments a heavy weight began pressing itself onto my upper back and neck pushing my face into the pillow and mattress below. I can distinctly remember the feeling as though I was suffocating, the panic that ensued and my helplessness with my inability to move. I don’t remember what caused it to stop other than I woke up not long after completely freaked and convinced I would never be able to sleep again. In the passing months I have thought little of it other than it must have been a horrible moment of sleep paralysis. I have suffered from sleep paralysis before, its terror gripping me until I’m finally able to rip my body from the coma which it is stuck. This, however, this was different. This morning The Bee tells me that last night he too, was pressed into the mattress in much the same way as I was, laying on his stomach and on the same side of the bed as I first experienced it. He told me that this contact was preceded by the sound of footsteps coming from the hall into our bedroom, followed by the sounds of footsteps next to his side of the bed mere moments before the heavy weight was placed upon him. So I ask, WTF to do? Do we have an evil spirit in our dwelling? Has something like this ever happened to you?

Now, I have had some pretty REAL experiences with the Ouija board, so I totally believe in the prospect of making contact with other realms. I have never used the board in our house because I got incredibly scared by someone telling me that using it basically opens a door connecting the other worlds and this one and you don’t always know who you are going to let in or if you’ll be able to “get rid of them” after your done. Before that, I was all about trying to commune with spirits as I have no doubt they exist around us and I’m just generally interested in the communciation aspect. Now, I’m terrified that I am a target for the spooky and using the Ouija again could open up one hell of nasty can of worms. Maybe for both Me and The Bee, our minds are working in overdrive since we viewed this creepy film, as I know the power of the human brain, but is that REALLY what is going on here?

That being said, who’s coming to our Halloween party on the 30th?!

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