el stink-o

My cat is REAAAAAALLY cute (see below). Definitely cuter than your cat but that’s just because he’s the best cat ever and he’s also the cutest thing that nature ever made. He’s cuter than your cutest baby and he’s cuter than any cat you own, you’ve ever owned or will ever own. Thems the breaks.

It’s not your fault the things you happen to love unconditionally don’t compare in the looks department to my cat. I actually feel really bad that you have to live with such sub-standard attractiveness in your life but I’m sorry, we can’t all live the dream…


We named him Scott McKitten the day we brought him home but that name doesn’t have quite the same ring to it that Stinky does… which is what we call him.

The name Stinky originated on about the 3rd night we had him home when we were all laying down to go to bed and he had a particularly noxious bout with gas… directly in our faces. Needless to say, the name really stunk stuck.

There have been many many manymanymanymanymany MANY incarnations of Stinky’s name since that fateful evening. Here are some of the more often used monikers:



Sir Stinks-a-Lot

Stinking Monkey

Stinky Monkey Butt

Mr. Monk



Doo Doo Head

Doo Doo Bird (don’t ask, i’m really not sure)


King Sting




Squincy Jones

John Squincy Adams

Squintin’ Tarantino (my personal fave)


Ginger Bean

Ginger Rogers


Buddy Boy


Butterscott (really any and all butt- references apply here)

and simply…


Since I don’t have a baby to fawn over like the rest of the world, I obsess about my cat.

Now you can too!

Let the stalking begin:

On this site




2 responses to “el stink-o

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  2. Ah so he is new! Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable and this picture is just beyond words!
    I had my own adventure with adopting a kitten about 2 months ago but it turned out I was really allergic and had to give him back after 4 days. It was the worst decision of my life b/c these little guys just worm their way into your heart.

    Anyway, I hope he gives you many days of joy and happiness. For reals! I will live vicariously. :)

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