Introducing… (dun dun da duuuuuuuuuuuuun) KITTEN!!!

Please put your hands together for: 

If the whole name thing is confusing to you I have a feeling you’re probably not alone. We named him after the red-haired co-lead of our favorite band; Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog

the force is strong with these two...

Teh kitten? He is awesome. 

From the looks of him I think it’s safe to say he’s a ginger tabby but I think there’s also a good chance he’s part dog. 

He likes to follow me around the house and he’s taken a liking to licking me on the mouth. 

He seems to spend most of his time sleeping, looking like he’s sleeping, playing and just generally being cute. 


There is an entirely different, much DARKER, side to lil’ ol’ Scotty Mc’s… 

You see, on the one end of the spectrum we have Dr. Scott: sweet, docile and lazy…

Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way at the other end we have… 

Mr. HOBBES!!! 

Hobbes isn’t bad per say. He’s just a little high-strung, wound-up, crazed, energetic, hyper and CRAZED

After his first day alone in the house while (me) and the bee were out to work, Scott must have been just a tad bit lonely. So he made us pay for it later that evening. 

He spent the majority of the night attempting to ferociously mount/mutilate any and all exposed body parts of ours. For being a neutered guy I must say I was quite impressed at his unwillingness to be emasculated by his “situation”. 

Hobbes scales the couch like a a professional tree climber, wrapping his legs around the backrest for support and then proceeds to hoist himself upwards with a few vertical thrusts and the assistance of some HELLA sharp little talons. 

It’s then that he usually decides to dart recklessly from one end of the sofa to the next, attempting to break his own record for speediness each time. Hobbes also enjoys relentlessly tackling his own shadow and I’m fairly certain that the growls (good lord the GROWLS!) that come out of his tiny body when he’s on the chase of fresh prey would rival that of a dwarf tiger.

If there were such a thing… 



Enough cat talk. Let’s talk dog.

Dr. Dog

(me) and the bee have tickets to see them TWICE next week. Once in Philly on Thursday and then again Saturday night in NYC. If they were playing a show on Friday night, we’d be at that shit too. 


Next Wednesday we’re going to see Ricky Gervais at Madison Square Garden so, needless to say, next week is going to be reDONKulous schedule-wise. I did a shit job this week keeping up with normal posting and my only excuse was I was too lazy because I got a cat so I have a feeling next week things might be even worse. 

I really hope I haven’t ruined your entire life with the notion that you might be lacking in meandthebee material in the near future but I PROMISE my absence will be worth it because, no doubt, all these adventures will bring with it some crazy-azz shenanigans that I will love nothing more than to share with ya’ll. 

Until then, the Hobbes’ will dance you outta here…


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