Something to Be Proud Of

I did it! I completed a project! That, in itself, is a huge feat as I have many many many projects going and most never actually reach fruition. Well, I’m happy to say that I finally took that scrap of black fabric I displayed so uneventfully on this page a few weeks ago and turned it into something… yes, WEARABLE!!! And to think the sky didn’t fall…

Here is the lameness which was my “vest” back in August:

2009 08.23 (13)

Then I went so far as to cut the front panels and tack them:


But then it was like I got something I’ve heard referred to as mow-tee-vaish-un?, and the rest is history:


It is literally rough around the edges, but that was my intention. I didn’t have enough fabric (or patience) to try and make it look super pretty so it is what it is. I’ve bought things less finished from American Apparel so I rest my case.

I had the most difficulty getting my sewing machine to behave but once I did it was easy peasy.


Since the garment was rather box-y, I gathered the sleeves and finished them with a button to avoid any squared shoulder disasters. After reading what I just wrote, an image of Meshach Taylor in Mannequin comes to mind but, dammit, I can’t find a decent picture of Hollywood to illustrate my point. However, when I did a google search of “shoulder pads” this image showed up on the first page:

designing women cast 

Weird, right? He might be missing from that picture but everyone knows Designing Women would be nothing without Meshach…

ANYWAY, the sash was also made out of scraps from the same garment I cut apart to make the vest. They were not initially intended to be worn together but some things have a funny way of working themselves out so I’m going with it.


Next up, the Halloween costume.

I shudder to think.



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8 responses to “Something to Be Proud Of

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  2. Wow, I’m impressed Steph!!!
    Will we see you on “Project Runway” someday???

    • oh man i love that show so much! as much as i would like to think i could do it (in like 10 years, MAYBE), the designers on that show seem so stressed! i think ill just stick to watching it… but who knows?!

      • Lans

        Hey i love your blog I’m looking to make a site soon I’m keeping updated with your blog too its fun to read much love and if your are the person in the pic your cute… see you later

      • what awesome compliments! thanks, Lans! i have found my blogging venture quite fulfilling so far. id love to read yours once you get started. let me know and i will check it out. best of luck!

  3. Karen

    What a great idea, recycling old or used clothing. I recently made a pair of evening gloves. Using a raggedy old pair of black slacks. Has sort of satiny finish with 30 percent of elastic in fabric, allowing gloves to cling very nicely. Your sash and vest are very versatile and clasic!

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