Pegs ‘R’ Us!

As you may already know, the bee and I are getting married in October. I have been full-on freaking out over most everything since both the ceremony and the family party/reception are on separate dates (yes, it’s like we’re doing DOUBLE the work) and both are almost 100% DIY but we’ve been trying to keep things level and sane by making the process as fun as possible. One of the BIGGEST elements of fun for us was getting ourselves PEG-I-FIED by Suzy at Naked Peggies

I was so totally impressed by the final product. I’m pretty sure she made us even cuter as wooden peg dolls then we ever could be in real life. Well, at least in my case… 

We first heard about Naked Peggies through Sending Postcards when they had their own peggies made in celebration of their nuptials

The peggies themselves can even be used as wedding cake or cupcake toppers

We decided to let ours live it up on our mantle where we intend to add peggies to the collection as our family grows. 

not a mouth, but a soul patch and a mole. respectively... (in case you just thought we have very specific and permanent dirt on our faces. because we dont. anymore.)


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6 responses to “Pegs ‘R’ Us!

  1. Mylittlebecky

    Aaaaaaa! that’s so cute! want one!

  2. so cute!!!! I want I want I want!

  3. i came back to look at them on the big screen. THEY’RE EVEN MORE CUTE!

  4. i am addicted to farmville

  5. Oh I didn’t realize it was coming up so fast! Good luck with everything! Those are adorable. :)

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