Wii Crazy

In an effort to not be such a flaccid, slovenly ball of flab for the rest of my existence I decided that now was as good a time as any to start working out regularly.

It has not been easy.

I used to enjoy taking hour-long walks through my neighborhood where I probably only burned about a Twizzler’s worth of calories but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Plus, I regard it as a considerable feat when I manage to leave the house at all. Ever.

Baby steps, friends. Baby steps…

Since the New Jersey landscape has been little more than a wasteland of snow and ice for the better part of a month and a half, taking leisurely and physically unproductive walks has been out of the question.

Instead, I decided to dust off the ol’ Wii Fit that had been lying quietly dormant since well before we moved into our house in December ’09. Stepping on that bad boy after all that time was humbling. To say the least…

In an effort to shed the extraneous 10 pounds that I have been nurturing and oh so sweetly laying to rest at night with each bowl of ice cream and fistful of peanut butter pretzel bites devoured I realized I needed to do something. Like, NOW.

The Wii Fit can be fun, which is probably why I’ve stuck with it for the past few weeks. It can also be incredibly frustrating and shaming. Still, I suppose I prefer being laughed at by a computer than by actual people after they’ve seen my superfluous muffin top spilling out of my stretched thin spandex leggings at a public gym.

What I find to be especially cool about the system is it allows you to log any additional activities you may partake in to gain fitness credits for the day.

Since I can really only do about an hour on the Wii Fit daily without wanting to punch the tiny ponytail off my “trainer” I usually supplement my regime with some ball-busting aerobics which really amps up my activity log.

That being said, I was pretty surprised at what Nintendo classifies as credit-able activities, especially under their examples of “Light Activity”:

I figure if “Laundry” counts as legitimate physical activity then I could come up with a few of my own and give myself points for each of those I manage to accomplish:

I suppose I’ve spent enough time on my butt writing this so I’m outta here so I can go full-throttle on that last one…



It is quite possible I have a seriously perverse cat. I might expect a dog to eat the crotch out of a pair of leggings but a cat? Seriously? GAH.


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9 responses to “Wii Crazy

  1. I would like to critique the classification of Bowling as light activity.
    I am not sure I understand how heaving a ten pound ball repeatedly is the same level of exercise as cooking spaghetti (or whatever really really heavy dish you might be eating) or doing some laundry. I guess if you eat a 10 pound turkey every night for dinner and find yourself constantly throwing it around your apartment they could be on the same level…
    Or if you frequently wear and launder a suit of armor…

    Although maybe cooking some of the 70s Betty Crocker recipes I found would be some form of exercise. It would take a lot of expended energy to keep yourself from being sick. Or if you are sick that probably uses some muscles (and you lose some calories!). So why isn’t preventing yourself from vomiting/vomiting on the list of exercises?
    The end.

    • steff

      let’s try this again, since wordpress ate my first response to your comment:

      i wholeheartedly agree that bowling is likely mis-categorized as being “light” activity since it certainly seems like the repeated lift and thrust required to send a heavy ball down an alley would be more physically taxing than doing laundry. then again, i am a terrible bowler, so what do i know really?

      as for the issue of vomiting i ALSO agree that the workout your abdominals suffer due to the repeated heave is incomparable. especially if you’re likening it to something like playing the piano. unless you’re someone who plays the piano unconventionally, like lady gaga. again again, i know very little about lady gaga other than she is regarded as unconventional and occasionally plays the piano. so i guess i know very, very little about anything that i’m talking about.
      there’s a shocker…

  2. How about lifting the remote to change the channel….you gotta remember to work out your arms too!

    • steff

      i can’t believe i neglected to mention that. probably because it as familiar to my person at this point as blinking and breathing. add two more to the list!!!

  3. Playing the piano counts as exercise?? Am I supposed to play it with my face?

  4. Maybe your cat is just like “dude… give it up… Here. Let me help you. No crotch=no exercise. Got it? Great. Now find me some catnip, woman. There’s your damn exercise”.

    That’s GOTTA be it.

  5. i love your leggings. you can be an extra in the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

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