A Brothers’ Diptych

Right before Xmas this past year, the bee came up with a great gift idea for his mom. The previous year he had given her, along with his 3 older brothers, a framed copy of a photograph taken of the boys sometime around 1984. In the picture, all the brothers at that time (the youngest wouldn’t turn up until 1991) posed for a picture in front of the fireplace in the family’s living room.

As with most kids, it’s usually a chore to get them to sit still for a minute, let alone the time needed to organize a proper photo but his mom managed to get a group shot where at least half of them are actually looking at the camera. Two outta four ain’t bad, right?

So this past holiday season, bee decided it might be cool to recreate the scene, some 26 years later, in much the same fashion. The original fireplace was unavailable since they had moved from that house in the early 90’s but we were lucky enough to find a suitable replacement to hold the photo shoot.

With myself behind the camera and some 80 or so shutter clicks later, I was pretty sure we had found a great match-up to the original. The framing and tone of the second picture doesn’t perfectly mimic the original but I think, as a collective effort, we did pretty darn good.

top photo: circa 1984, bottom photo: December 2010

A lot can change in a quarter century but I find it quite refreshing that a lot manages to stay so much the same.



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15 responses to “A Brothers’ Diptych

  1. It doesn’t even look like the bee in the 1984 edition!

  2. omigosh, that is perfect!! Did she cry? If she’s a crier, I bet she TOTALLY cried.

    • steff

      you know it!
      i was prepared for an emotional reaction so i snapped a photo the moment they gave it to her. it totally blew her mind. i don’t think she fully understood what was happening when she first took a gander. then it started to sink in and she got all sorts of choked up.
      of course, now were screwed giving her any sort of gift after that doozy…

  3. The fireplace got smaller!

  4. I just re-read what you wrote and realized it didn’t. I was hoping that they had just become so big they dwarfed the fireplace in the second photo.

    • steff

      we really lucked out that we knew someone who had a VERY similar hearth. without that i don’t think the second picture would have translated as well.

  5. ahmahgah! so cute! you guys are the BEST at presents.

  6. oh that’s too many kinds of awesome right there!

  7. That’s cool! Funny blog btw. Now going in my Google Reader.

  8. hah- i love this! i also like that the brother on the far left kept his eyes closed again. :)

    • steff

      what came out in the final product was, what i consider, completely kismet. i wasn’t really coaching them at all on how to pose or what to do. they were all pretty familiar with the original shot but the fact that all of them ended up replicating their original positions and facial expressions was one of those cosmic things. i took a bunch of shots that night but when we came across this one i just gasped because it was so damn close to perfect.

  9. What a fantastic idea. Love it.

  10. steff

    thanks for the super kind words, everyone! it’s always awesome to get feedback. now i just need to work on responding to comments in a more timely manner…

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