These pictures would be great if they weren’t so terrible…

Make sure you spare no expense when purchasing otherwise inexpensive yet generally dependable disposable cameras for YOUR informal post-wedding celebratory event.

Otherwise your photos might end up like this*:

ah, yes... it looks like there could be a table there, and wait! some people AT that table, but for the most part... just blackness.

oh, and look... here's a charming shot of the bride and groom about to kiss! oh, wait maybe not. i mainly just see cupcakes.

oh, my. just... *wow*. this is a great one. this photo brings us just *this* much closer to solid proof that (due to unknown causes) a body CAN separate from it head, causing spontaneous floating head-itis**... specifically during informal post-wedding celebratory events.

**spontaneous floating head-itis can also cause momentary facial blurring which can be very useful if you plan on commiting any major crimes and wish to evade security cams or police survelliance.


and finally…

the very best and worst? photo of the bunch:
at least it had some color…

*it also helps to have significant sunlight. or some other kind of light. just light. in general.



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6 responses to “These pictures would be great if they weren’t so terrible…

  1. Hugs! I know I shouldn’t be laughing but…*snarf*

  2. Also? That was supposed to be a supportive snarf. Ahem.

  3. These are f**king awesome! Now can I see some real pictures, pretty please :)

  4. Boo!

    (I meant that in the “boo, hiss” kind of way, not the “ha ha – I scared you by leaping out in surprise” kind of way. Although the floating heads were kind of scary, I guess)

  5. Nolz

    Soo Grandma and I are floating heads inflicted with headitis??

    …Cool. :D

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