I Can’t Write. Right Now.

I think about things to write about and then I think about them again.

Eventually I over-think it all until my thoughts and ideas and plans for written creativity are nothing more than over-processed pulp lying uncomfortably under the magnifying glass of my ever scrutinizing eye.

I like to write. I do. Better yet: I want to like to write. For a while now it’s felt less like fun and more like this is some daunting task that I must complete. I will near episodes of total breakdown before I finish a post and after I’ve poured my heart and soul (and usually countless hours) into it I just feel exhausted and doubtful that it was even worth all my tireless efforts.

I blame this on my being OCD. By the time Wednesday (because for whatever reason, the crazy in my head tells me that if I’m only going to post once a week then it’s got to be on Wednesday. Uh huh. Yeah…) each week rolls around I start the mental melt-down process where I panic about what I’m going to write. It almost always starts to come together; usually at the last-minute, but it gets done, nonetheless.

When I was working I needed this outlet to quell the mania that was sure to rise were I not to find some outlet to plug it into. My job was a vehicle for my unhappiness and in efforts to avoid a crash course for total self-destruction I would find solace in the written word. It wasn’t any easier really, probably a lot less so, but when I had something accomplished on my blog then I felt, at the very least, well – accomplished.

Nowadays, just being on the internet gives me a case of the howling fantods and I look for excuses to do anything else: Toilets need a-cleanin’! Who’s for a round of scoopin’ kitty litter?

The internet has lost its charm for me. At least for now. Don’t get me wrong; when it comes to the people of the internet I don’t have a problem. In fact, I love a lot of the internet folk I’ve come across in the short amount of time I’ve been active in this “blogger” function. It’s what the internet does to people (myself so totally included) that I don’t like.

Facebook and Twitter and Flickr! Oh – No.

Since I’ve had some time away from an office cubicle I find myself having more time to do the things that I never had time for in the past: going for walks, reading books, spending time with people (in real life!), cleaning more often than every other month, organizing my life (that’s the OCD again) and more than what the tasks are, it’s about the fact that it genuinely makes me happy doing them.

I feel like all this might sound a lot more dramatic than intended. I also feel like this is sounding more like a note to myself than to anyone else but I suppose it just is what it is.

I don’t really know what this whole declaration means other than I’m stepping back for a while. Indefinitely? I don’t know. The holidays are approaching and I must say that I anxiously await them, more so than I have in a long time.

To put it simply: life’s priorities have changed for me. My focus has shifted elsewhere for now and I’m just looking forward to a new adventure.

Wherever it takes me.



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5 responses to “I Can’t Write. Right Now.

  1. you take all the time you need. occasionally I feel the same way. but don’t feel obligated to your blog. take a blogcation. you’re entitled. live life. read a book. scoop some litter (I have some here you can scoop). we’ll all be here.

  2. Do what you gotta do. Your passion shouldn’t be something you dread. Chill for a bit and come back when you’re feeling the love.

  3. Paul S.

    I like the way you’re thinking now. Welcome back – we’ve missed you and need you back in our lives. The family supports your decisions and anxiously awaits the Holiday Season as well. Better yet, we’ll have YOU this year. Luv you much.

  4. Totally understand what you’ve written there. I could have written that post on any number of occasions. I think we really are scary similar in some ways.

    I feel like I go through phases with my internet use. There are times that I really like writing and feel satisfied by what I’m accomplishing. There are times that it really does fall to the bottom of the chore list and I would rather do just about anything else. Even with reading internet things I have that ebb and flow. There are times I’m checking my favourite blogs for updates multiple times a day, and times that I don’t want anything to do with anything online if I can help it. …Not because I don’t still really enjoy my Internet People, or care what’s going on with them, but just because I desperately want to get away from it. Maybe it’s a sign for me that I’m needing more of in-person things. I don’t know.

    Anyway, I completely get the sentiment. Enjoy some time doing things you can actually look forward to doing, and if you decide to wander back and post again sometime when it’s not such a chore, I’ll still be here. :)

  5. one can argue that it can go both ways

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