Look What *I* Found! Friday: Yeah, you just TRY to get stuff done (i DARE you) Edition

If you’ve read this blog before it should come as no surprise that I love my cat. It actually borders on obsession. Ok, let’s get real here, it IS obsession. He’s really awesome though, so I have a hard time seeing how this is my fault. He’s adorable and affectionate and, for whatever reason, likes to be wherever I am at. all. times. however inconvenient or inappropriate that place might be*. 

*yes, i’m talking about the bathroom and no, just because i let him in there while i’m showering or toilet… ing, doesn’t mean that i’m in a losing battle for the upper hand in this relationship while simultaneously cultivating a mini fur-monster who knows that if he mews and *scritch*scritch*scritches* at the door relentlessly i’ll let him in there because SOMEBODY has to look out for our home furnishings and i’m starting to not like where this is going so let’s just move on shall we… 

SHALL we? 

When I work from home it is unavoidable that at one point or another “the stinky one” decides that the place he needs to be at that very moment is on my lap or, even better, on the desk: lower half splayed across the mousepad while he claws and chews on the power cord or with legs strategically placed on my keyboard so that I accidentally send out interoffice announcements that read like: 

Hello All, 

I will be taking lunch from 1-eeeeeerrrrtttttttt78uuuiiiiiiooooooooooppppppppppp’ 

So I wasn’t too surprised when I found that monkey falling asleep in this position today: 

It’s really hard to be annoyed with him however TOTALLY ANNOYING it may be to shift his fuzzy little body around my work station so that I can actually get some, like, work done once in a while. 


sorry bout dat! dis iz bedur spot? affink dis werk owt gudz cuz nao ai can rilly keep mah EYE on yew...



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8 responses to “Look What *I* Found! Friday: Yeah, you just TRY to get stuff done (i DARE you) Edition

  1. Your kitty is adorable!

    …Also, this totally confirms some kind of strange brain-link, because until my breakfast turned disaster, I was totally going to post a picture of my cat doing almost exactly the same thing today.

  2. andygirl

    hee! I call my cat a monkey too! or monkey butt. depending on how she’s acting.

    she also knows how to close my laptop, the sneak.

  3. So adorable. I have a theory that the best cats are neutered males. They have a weird adorableness. I had a cat once who liked to sit in the fridge. I would let him in there and then set a timer so I wouldn’t forget about him and freeze him to death.

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  5. steff

    most days i really wonder how i ever lived before i got him. he seriously makes my life so much brighter.

  6. There’s a neighborhood cat that keeps stalking me while I’m trying to peacefully read on my porch in the middle of the night. Do you think you could come over here and pick it up before I skewer it with a pitchfork?

    I don’t have a pitch fork. And I probably wouldn’t skewer the cat, but let’s pretend I will to give you the incentive needed to travel here and take this demon cat far far away from me!

  7. i can has cheeseburger?

  8. He’s adorable!
    And he totally has you wrapped around his little paw. :)

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