Flickr Friday: Illuminated Star-Gazers

For this week’s edition I’ve chosen a favorite of mine taken by the bee from our recent camping/cabin trip to Western PA. The stars were brilliant and plentiful out there even if the cell reception was anything but. Guess you can’t win ’em all…
A group of us went up the mountain to a popular elk viewing post that was all but deserted at nighttime. The air was cold and full of allergens which is why you will see me rocking the bandit look in the background. While the star-gazers stared heaven bound, the bee used a flashlight to paint our persons during a long exposure shot.
The result (as you can see for yourself) is quite cool, giving the black night setting a glowing illumination so each of us can be seen in the image. A job well done, I say…

For more from our amazing (as usual) trip to rural Pennsylvania check out the bee’s photo set on Flickr.


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6 responses to “Flickr Friday: Illuminated Star-Gazers

  1. Oh dude, this looks awesome. Not only the picture but the trip! Did you happen to check out that spot where it has the best star viewing in PA/the East? That’s been on my list of spots to visit forever!

  2. Wait, it just hit me after checking out some of the pictures – was it that huge gorge, the place they call the Grand Canyon of PA?

    • steff

      actually, i’m not sure! though, if that’s where we’d been it would’ve def been advertised as such. i’d think anyway. as for the best star viewing, this place was AMAZING. i’ve never seen so many stars in my life. it was super remote up there with very few (if any) street lights so that helped too. now i want to check out the place you’re talking about tho!

  3. great blog! how are you doing now, eh?

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