Where Dreams Go To Die



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5 responses to “Where Dreams Go To Die

  1. is this your office? which one are you? I think I see a pony tail, so I’m gonna assume that’s you. and you look…dead. geez. I’m sorry. where should I send flowers?

    • truth be told any one of those people could be me although i think what you thought was a ponytail is actually a tie and dude is hanging himself by it.

      clearly my drawrings still leave much to be desired :(

      seriously tho, the office is like my own personal hell. in a perfect world (and in a few weeks time) i am the non-existant one in the bottom right cube bc my ass finally got smart and told that job to shove it.

  2. Time to fly out of the box!

  3. Reminds of the last (medical) office I worked in. I really I mean REALLY hated those bitches I worked with.

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