Look What *I* Found! Friday: Passport (a.k.a. the embarrassing face of youth) Edition

We are embarking on yet another mini-trip this weekend. This time to Montreal! ‘sup *simultaneous headnod/eyebrow arch* Canada? 

It will be a first for me to cross over the US/Canadian border so I’m really psyched. In order to get our butts there legally I had to dig up my passport which hasn’t been used since I last left the country, some 10+ years ago when I visited Italy while a Junior in highschool.

I’m not even going to go into ALL the reasons why I dislike this photo other than the fact that the first thing that jumps out at me when I look at it is: that HAIR.

proof there is such a thing as being TOO blonde

I’m so excited I honestly cannot promise we’ll ever come back. Universal healthcare? Hockey? BEAVERS? Homeland to both Michael’s Cera and J. Fox?

See… Canada knows what’s up.



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5 responses to “Look What *I* Found! Friday: Passport (a.k.a. the embarrassing face of youth) Edition

  1. I forget which comedian said this: Canada is like your grandma’s attic. you forget it’s up there but when you go, there’s some really cool stuff!

    • dude, montreal was totally awesome. if i had a better handle on the french language and didn’t rely so much on american junk-food for sustenance i’d pack up my life and move there yesterday.

  2. That’s like the best passport photo I’ve ever seen. I look like an angry retired prostitute in mine. Can you picture it?

    • hmmm…i’m trying to. i think the “retired” part is throwing me off a bit tho. also, you are SUPER sweet for saying that about my photo. i know i’m super self-critical and all but i’m still having a hard time understanding how that is a face that anyone but my mother could love. and even with her i think i would understand…

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