probably, definitely not worth it…

Perhaps you noticed that there was no new “Bee-ject’s” post this past weekend?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, not. 

Either way, the-bee-weekly-reject-picture-posts are being put on an indefinite hiatus.

Now, before you turn into an inconsolable bleary eyed rage-ball that throws their hard drive through the window screaming “WHY INNERNETS, WHY?!!!“, this (possibly permanent) loss doesn’t mean that the bee won’t continue to document his daily picture-taking project on his blog (even though he’s been like SERIOUSLY lax with posting regularly. again, i implore you to go visit his site and leave him a strongly worded comment in ALL CAPS so maybe, just maybe, he snaps out of it).


Life is complicated and busy and I can relate to not being able to meet every single self-imposed deadline no matter how much I might want to. I’m still anticipating the stress and doubtless crippling social-anxiety that will afflict me at next week’s BlogHer conference, but I’m doing my best to take things in stride. Due to that, posting will likely be light for the next week or so while I gather the strength/attempt to re-wire my nerves so that I might function like a “normal” human being in a massive social-networking group jam session.

Or whatever…

In my last BlogHer freak-out post I mentioned my lack of excitement over the prospect of designing a business card for the BlogHer ’10 event. However, it appeared to be a necessary evil so I sucked it up and did it. Here’s what I came up with:

I’m sharing this with you now because maybe you’re not going to BlogHer and you’re just really interested in how I pretend to be successful and “grown-uppy” (not sure how grown-up vomiting cats are but, whatevs). Even if you are going and we actually do end up meeting at the conference, I’m not entirely sure I’m going to have the guts to hand these out. I guess this is due, once again, to my persistent lack of self-esteem and the shitty school of thought that repeatedly pokes me in the brain saying “What makes you think anyone cares about YOUR stupid blog, huh?!” which, clearly, isn’t doing me any favors.

An area of self-deprecation that I am, no doubt, deserved of is being a hopelessy hopeless loser-faced procrastinator. Although procrastination tends to serve me well since I tend to thrive under the pressure of last minute-ness it RARELY helps me out in the frugality department.

Take these business cards for instance…

I found a reasonably priced outlet to create the card, uploaded my own design, bing-bang-boom, move on to check-out only to find that the cards would likely arrive AFTER the conference.


Thankfully they had an expedited option which promised delivery within 3 business days! Too bad the cards were now going to cost me DOUBLE what the original quote was.

Now, had I just ordered them a week earlier I could have saved myself a good heap of cash. So, by early next week, I should have in my possession 250 custom business cards that likely won’t get much more action than getting carelessly jammed into my bag and if they’re lucky they’ll spend some time between my two front teeth in lieu of a more common pesky food eradication device.

Which makes me think the expedited shipping was probably, definitely not worth it.

It’s also hotter than a sub-Saharan monkey’s butthole (and no, i have no idea what this means, if it’s true or even geographically possible. i just like the way it sounds) up in here and even Stinky is feeling the heat.

His desire to be as close to me as humanly possible at all times seems to be outweighed by his need to maintain a healthy body temperature so his innards don’t start to liquefy which means he’s been alternating sitting on my lap and sitting on the floor inches from my desk chair all morning.

and that's not to say what his super-furry heat-conducting-ultra-lap-warming-self is doing for my already sweaty nether-bits. TMI?



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7 responses to “probably, definitely not worth it…

  1. Just wanted to say that I am so proud of you for going to BlogHer!!!! I never had the guts to go!!!
    Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  2. Now I’m super extra sad I’m not going. I’ll be in residency for grad school – which is for writing – so I’m probably doing the mature thing. But I wa-a-ant to go.

  3. I wish I could afford to go to fancy blog conferences. *pout*

    SO, you need to go and be all confident and dazzling and funny for me, k? I’ll know if you aren’t, so do it. (that was creepy, I’m sorry. but I wanted it to be effective.)

  4. I think your immature-yet-adorable business cards should meet my immature-yet-adorable business cards at BlogHer. Just sayin.

  5. Umm since I’m not going, and now I’m even more super duper pooper bummed about it, I’m gonna need you to mail me one of those little bizzy cards. Amazing!

  6. aghhhh!!! i know, i know, i know, i’ve been slacking, but i’m getting back into it this week. i kinda threw in the towel for a bit, ‘but i’m tryin’, Ringo, i’m tryin REAL hard to be the shepherd

  7. oh yea, and good luck at blogher, me and von Stinkelstein are gonna miss ya

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