Weekend Bee-ject’s #23

Sooooooooooooo… the bee has been slacking. 

You should go visit him and tell him as much because obviously just the amount of guilt he gets from me isn’t enough. 

Plus, I’m kind of tired of being “the nag”. Now it’s your turn

I’m not saying I’m the most motivated person either. I usually have trouble just convincing myself to brush my teeth on days when I don’t come into contact with others. 


Since I’ve given you a taste of stinklefritz’s newfound love, I thought I’d give you some photographic evidence to back that ass up. 

I caught him like this: 

So I thought I’d see what he’d do if I turned on the faucet he loves so much WHILE he was still in there: 

either this cat loves water or he's INCREDIBLY lazy. or both.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? 









If I can teach him how to turn off the faucet when he’s finished… I think I’ll give him a set of keys to the house.



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4 responses to “Weekend Bee-ject’s #23

  1. I just read this (adorable, by the way). Eastern state “state of mind” post, followed by cat post?? We really are sharing some kind of psychic blog connection, aren’t we?

    (either that, or you’re controlling my mind. …And if so, be a dear and get that damned T.V. jingle out of there, will you?)

  2. this made me giggle. i love the tongue picture.

  3. i know everyone thinks their animal is the bee’s knees or whatever but i assure you he is just as awesome in real life as he is in pictures.
    kitten tongues FTW!!!

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