Weekend Bee-ject’s #22

All images were captured by the bee [(unless they involve flags-a-flyin’ or bee’s-a-smilin’) then I tooks them] between June 20th – 26th with a Digital Harinezumi V.2:

stinky hearts the sink

Click here for additional photographic mindsplosions.


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5 responses to “Weekend Bee-ject’s #22

  1. 2 B

    Scott is getting big

  2. Orange cats love sinks. All of them. It’s like a genetic guiding principle. They innately want to control the water source.

    • well that makes a HELLUVA lot of sense. he’s been obsessed with the sinks since he’s gotten big enough to jump onto them. i caught him sleeping in there the other day and he abso LOVES drinking from the tap. he’s also facsinated by the shower though he hasn’t proven himself brave enough to go in while the water is on yet.

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