Presenting… Turdle!!!


That’s right friends.

The ever lovable Turd Bird now has a compatriot round these parts.

Turdle was the obvious next step to take in my quest to turn each member of the animal kingdom one by one into pieces of anthropomorphic poo.


Come on…

Unlike most of his species, Turdle refuses to retreat into his shell as a means of defense. As a matter of fact he would much rather sacrifice any appendage to a predator rather than having to face the inside of his shell.

The reason?

It smells like total shit in there.




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6 responses to “Presenting… Turdle!!!

  1. womp womp

    man, turdle really loves corn, huh?

  2. yeah, he’s a regular corn-whore.
    thanx 4 commenting tho. you’re probably the only one who will since most people don’t seem to be amused by my “poop-antics”.
    or posts about cats…
    i guess all the MATB readers are dog people???

  3. Ren

    I have to come to the defence of your poor Turdle! As I have two that reside on our farm that is not a farm. They are fine as pets as long as one supplies the neccessary hygiene perks, that Cats and Dogs all have….A bath or shower! Some of the feline gender….Can also make use of the “privy”. Making them too a more desirable companion. Cats, Dogs, and Turtles (in alphabetical order) all provide a sound, ( as in adequet) alarm system. Cats, display apprehendtion, staring out the windows. Dogs, obviously, the beckoning bark! Turtles, with taunt neck, a nod of the head, and a wisk of the eye. Followed by the “poop”! All attentive attributes, of which I rely!
    Alas everybody poops. But does everybody “poop” as a warning signal? Only the lowly ” Turdle”!

  4. Jared

    I love turdle

  5. I can’t wait til you start making movies with these things like claymation but OMG SCRATCH THAT IDEA I had no idea what I was thinking.

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