Weekend Bee-ject’s #12


I did not take these pictures. the bee did. He is amazing and wicked awesome with the photog skills and should be acknowledged as such. I do not want to take credit for things I did not do so please head over to his most excellent weblog and give him the love & recognition he deserves for all his hard work otherwise he will blast me with the heat of eleventy-six hundred flame throwers of death.

That is all. Carry on…

The following images were captured between April 11th – 17th with a Digital Harinezumi V.2:

All photography by The Bee.



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4 responses to “Weekend Bee-ject’s #12

  1. Emmy

    Love all of them! Especially the Beauty in the last 1, the Green Sky, and the question marks! Haha! You have an eye……

  2. these are some really interesting shots

  3. Paul

    First, I must state that I totally agree with the first replier in that the Rock Star in the last pic is the true gem of all the shots. The rest of the pics are certainly amazing and wicked awesome (to steal a phrase). Keep up the good work, Bee!!!

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