Weekend Bee-ject’s #10


The past few weeks have been a little unorthodox for both (me) and the bee for a couple of reasons:

1. the bee was sans Zumi for the better part of 2 weeks so there are slim pickins for “Bee-ject’s” this week.

2. (me) and the bee have been exchanging sickness for the last few days and this weekend it was my turn to host the disease.

3. Being sick has completely crippled me of all creative functionality. Actually, I’m just hoping that’s the cause because otherwise the truth is my brain is broken and my half-assed attempts at humor are anything but which makes me think things like what the hell do I think I’m doing? and didn’t anyone ever tell you to quit while you’re ahead?!!!

Or in my case:

Just quit before you embarrass yourself any further because nobody thinks poop is funny and all you can draw are stick figures and talk about what an unstable mental case you are and, although true, that’s becoming a bit of a crutch and oh yeah, have I mentioned that YOU SUCK?!

Seriously though, it’s been like a series of unfortunate events around here. Maybe I need some time off, to clear my head, reevaluate, prioritize and just BREATHE.

I don’t like buying into my own self-pitying negativity but lately that’s all I can seem to go on.

See what I’m saying?

This weekend, the only ‘bee-ject’ around here is me.



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4 responses to “Weekend Bee-ject’s #10

  1. Jared

    I still like you. Cheer up

  2. On the plus side, you appear to be wearing a pretty nifty hat.

  3. Poop is great! And so are you! I had to take a little blog break recently. It’s just necessary sometimes, I think.
    Take a break for a couple days, but COME BACK. Pretty please.

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