Things are changin’ round these parts.

If you’re looking for content that used to be here and suddenly isn’t, that’s because I moved it!


Now all my inane prattling about the bands I like or TV shows that I watched as a kid, fashion, blah blah, etc., as well as any other miscellaneous pop culture related news and nonsense, i.e. non- (me) and the bee related, can be found HERE!!!

It’s not much to speak of yet but I’ve created this additional site in the hopes that I can generate a little revenue via ads. Since WordPress does not allow ad hosting and I’d really rather not subject the (me) and the bee community to incessant pop-ups ANYWAY, this plan really worked out for the best.

Are you looking for American Idol Recaps?

Perhaps you were looking forward to reading some idiotic rant about how I think vampire sex is stupid?

Well, all that and more can be found at the new site.


So that’s it really.

People seem to respond well to draw-rings so I’ll keep ’em comin’ as long as I have the strength to d r a w l them.

Speaking of which…

This is how I feel today:

The bee gave me his sickness.




I almost forgot…

About 2 months ago I wrote an article for a music magazine about (surprise!) Dr. Dog’s newly leaked single “Shadow People”.

Considering the article was published just this week and Dr. Dog’s new album comes out next Tuesday… the timing was totally fucked.

So I’m not sure if I’m more annoyed or irritated by the lack attention paid to the articles TIME SENSITIVE nature but what the hell? I took the time to write it so I might as well send you on over there to read it.

Don’t worry, it’s short ————->  Dr. Dog Release “Shadow People” on Stereogum

PS – I’m a total whoreface for comments. Good, bad, indifferent, feelings of disgust, praise of indescribable magnitude. I take all comers. So hit me with your best shot, yo.


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2 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…

  1. A. I’m stealing ‘Ohmagod’ and ‘whoreface’ for the obvious reason that they’re awesome.
    B. I found you once upon a time and LOST you, like I do so often with you wordpress freaks.
    C. Now that I’ve found you again, I’mma never letchyou go.

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