Split Ends

Driving to the supermarket after work yesterday was the first time in a looooooooong azz time that it felt that spring might be right around the corner. Despite a (now dirty) smattering of snow accumulation upon the ground, the weather was balmy and warm for March, at almost 60 degrees.

You know the smell of the air when you can tell the seasons are changing?

That’s what it smelled like yesterday.

It reminded me of lazy late afternoons spent after school would let out, laying on the floor of my childhood bedroom, windows open, listening to music and daydreaming. So far, today looks as though it is shaping up to be just as nice. I actually didn’t need a winter coat this morning and instead opted for just a sweater and a scarf.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure out, but it wasn’t until living through these past few months that I realized just how poorly cold/dark times affect me. I’ve always had seasonal issues related to my depressive episodes, and I don’t think this year was any exception.

I think the major difference between this past winter and all the others was just how busy I was this time around, making moves and transitioning from one stage of life to another kept me occupied where I might normally just wallow in my winter misery. For someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy hot weather or the beach, it matters little as there is no question that I NEED the sun.

I need fresh air and I need a temperate climate.

Is that so much to ask?

Well, New Jersey?

Is it?!

Summer 2009 was one of the worst I can remember weather-wise. I think it rained more than it didn’t and by the time summer finally got its collective ball rolling, August was winding down and Autumn was already knocking on the door. If you live in Jersey or the surrounding area, you know what I’m talking about. That’s why, while driving around at 5:00 pm yesterday, I could be found sans coat and with the windows down basking in the first signs of Spring, however premature it may have actually been.

This post is kind of everywhere, I know. I’m seriously considering starting another blog, one where I can let my inner fan-girl run wild, post more random pictures (unfortch wordpress is not the best format for photoblogs), humorous nonsense and get all broody and introspective at times because, let’s face it, some days it’s Dr. Jekyll, others? 

Watch the eff OUT, ya’ll.


Since I’d rather not subject people to negative crap, like, ALL THE TIME, this blog will focus more heavily on the life and times of (me) and the bee, as titled. You’ll get words & pictures centered around us and our goings on, life updates, events we attend and general things we do. The somewhat zany, errr manic (me) can be found at the other blog, whose name and location are currently unknown but since I know you’re just DYING to know all about it, I assure you I will keep the updates coming as they progress. For now, things will continue as-is until I can make heads or tails of these prospective changes.

Now. It’s about to get all STUPID up in here because I’m gonna get serious and kind of sappy so that I can just say:


Whomever you are and wherever you’re reading from, I think you’re totally awesome. I’m sure there are like billions of other (much better) blogs out there (just see sidebar for some examples) yet, for some reason, you’re reading mine! Or maybe you just got lost, and wound up here accidentally. In that case:

“Hello, there! How are you? Would you like to sample an American Idol Recap?”

Maybe you’re here after searching for “kinky vampire sex mom” because this one time I wrote about how stupid I think Twilight is and then that led to a follow-up rant and now I am forever on the wordpress.com sex-fetishists radar. So yeah, fetishists are welcome too! I just have to draw the line of welcome at internet pedos & scary stalker types because they are the opposite of awesome, so let’s just go with you not being them and therefore being awesome.

Problem? Solved.


The above links no longer send you to the articles they reference because I moved all that -ish to another site. If you click the links it will take you to the new site but it is now up to you to search THAT site and find what it is those links refer to.


I’m sorry I didn’t link them properly but I’m tired and lazy and you probably aren’t even reading this anyway let alone interested in reading those pieces of crap and if you WERE reading and WERE interested you probably aren’t anymore so can someone please tell me WHY AM I STILL TALKING?!!!

PS – i love you.


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6 responses to “Split Ends

  1. Hi! I live in New Jersey too–close to NYC. And you’re so right about the weather yesterday and today. I have windows open, and I actually heard birds singing. So great!

    I think there’s rain coming later in the week, but hopefully there won’t be any snow for another nine months.

    Take care.


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  3. Paul

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to randomly co-exist in your world. Your clever insight into the events of the day provide me with hope for better days ahead. Keep speaking your mind and stay true to your heart.
    You will always be my heart.
    luv ya.

  4. You’re in Jersey?! Me too.

    I know exactly what you mean about the winter and how depressing it is. We totally got gypped on summer last year. I really hope it doesn’t happen again.

    • word on the street is because we had such a KA-RAZY winter with tons of precip dumped on us, that our summer will be hotter than usual.
      honestly, i would gladly welcome obscenely hot over another tepid and wet season.

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