Secret’s In The Sauce

Before we start, there’s just something I need to get off my chest. 

(me) and the bee.  

That is just teeming with grammatical incorrectitude. 

I don’t care. 

As much as I’ve always loved reading and writing and the like I have never enjoyed the nitty gritty of appropriate grammar and usage. I just wing it and hope for the best. 

That being said… 

Yesterday, (me) and the bee attended an annual chili cook-off at a local restaurant to support Adele (bee’s ma) who had entered the contest. We brought the Nikon, along with the Zumi, in order to better capture the hullabaloo surrounding this event. Also, the Zumi can’t really be trusted as of late, which really is a whole ‘nother story and a sore subject at that so just forget I said anything… 

I really had no IDEA how worked up people could get over free food. There must have been at least 200 people who waited throughout the day in an enormous line just to sample from 17 different crock pots. 

chili love train

 And what an assortment it was… 


Folks cooked up all sorts of stuff to use as the main component in their recipe. From buffalo and venison to veal and (one of my favorites) sweet potatoes. The man who made it was even nice enough to give me a container full to take home! 


We also got yelled at. 

The owner of the place came by and started yelling because we moved a power strip to underneath the table. You know, so it wouldn’t look tacky. 

Like it did. 

Adele's "Dear Chili," aka "The Chili That SHOULD Have Won"

Obviously that wasn’t his concern because that move blew the circuit for a whole row of tables and guess whose fault it was? 

So I took some pictures. 

Here is Mr. Owner Man having a conniption fit. Note the frantic speed at which his hand is moving. 

you can't see it, but the shit is hitting the fan...

 Super fast hands = HELLA pissed. 

I was getting kind of nervous with all this pre-official start of the contest controversy. Luckily, The Bee made it out from behind the table unscathed. 


With that fiasco averted, the judges proceeded to eat their way through the competition: 

getting down to business

At this time The Bee snuck back into the judging area to take these behind the scenes pictures. That’s around the time he took my favorite picture of the day. When he showed me, I was lol-ing all over the place. 



This might be the world’s most blatant photo bomb. I couldn’t tell you who this guy is, except that The Bee mentioned that mere moments before he clicked the shutter, dude stepped into frame and gave the camera this big smarmy smile. 

Some nerve. 

You should also note the cans of Sterno located below the table. Now, I’m preeeeeeetty sure the use of Sterno was prohibited in the competition but obviously that didn’t stop them from winning. Because they did. 

I call shenanigans.


All awesome photography by The Bee.

All other junk, I’ll take responsibility for.



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3 responses to “Secret’s In The Sauce

  1. likeagiraffe

    this post… made me want chili. really badly. mmm chili. :)

    i’m also a writer who has never been particularly concerned with perfect grammar. there’s a part of me that knows i need to be better about it… and then there’s the bigger part of me, that doesn’t care. :)

    great blog!

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  3. Emmy

    My stomach hurts from laughing so hard!

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