For Lack of a Better Post

The results are in. It was a landslide victory for (me) in glasses which I’m pretty sure only equates to like 4 of 6 votes or something, but WHAT-ever.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I’m planning on making a new masthead inspired  by my avatar project.

I know this news is beyond thrilling but PLEASE do try and contain your excitement…

… and don't hate (me) cuz I got the crazy good paint skillz

So last night (me) and the bee went to Barnes & Noble which, as much as I love books, I kind of hate due to my ever-frugal sensibilities. I just know that with a little patience and some mouse-work I can find almost anything in book form for dirt cheap on the innernets. However, we decided to live a little and splurged on some paperbacks, mainly because I saw, “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” prominently displayed and I couldn’t say no to that because me and smutty tell-alls are a match made in trash. (even I don’t know what that means)


Our trip, along with the completion of his latest reading conquest, prompted the bee’s blog post for yesterday wherein he looked back upon his year in books. This got me thinking about my OWN year in literature for 2009 and I quickly realized that I was hard pressed to recall ANYTHING I had read last year, save for the 1,075 page monstrosity (in size only, because otherwise it was brilliant) I spent 3 months on.

Because my ’09 reading list was lacking, I figured I’d make a list of the songs that captured my ear instead. To clarify, the tracks listed are not necessarily “new”, but rather music I couldn’t get enough of during 2009.

I’m making up the rules as I go along.

So there.

“Golden Teeth & Silver Medals” – A Camp

“Crying Lightning” – Arctic Monkeys

“You Don’t Know Me” – Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

“Friday XIII” – Deer Tick

“Say Something” – Dr. Dog*  

“I’ll Be Arriving” – Elvis Perkins In Dearland

“God Help the Girl” – God Help the Girl

“Two Weeks” – Grizzly Bear

“This Side of the Blue” – Joanna Newsom

“Not Fair” – Lily Allen

“Ras Trent” – The Lonely Island

“Electric Feel” – MGMT

“Say Please” – Monsters Of Folk

“People Got a Lotta Nerve” – Neko Case

“Dance Anthem of the 80’s” – Regina Spektor

“Zero” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

*(this should really read as: EVERYTHING – Dr. Dog)

And I really wish I had ANY idea how to add at least a preview of each track to this post. If anyone is privy to this info, let me know and I’ll slap it on up here.

I guess I can’t be “crazy good” at everything…



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2 responses to “For Lack of a Better Post

  1. ‘in dub style! roller skates! a dvd of cool runnings! murder, she wrote!’

    and who can forget

    ‘me toil part-time at Jah Coldstone Creamery’

    it’s a good list, though based on your (read: our) past 4 months of listening, i think you’re missing some Dr. Dog

  2. MJV

    I so want to read that. When you are done, I will trade you “My Horizontal Life” i read last spring break, & loved!!!

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