What I did on my day off (instead of napping)

Today I decided to spruce up my avatar. Here’s what I managed to do:

I call this one “no time for makeup” or “just another day”

The Phantom of the Opera

 Sassy Pirate

Catwoman from the 1992 Tim Burton classic “Batman Returns” (as portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer)

an old world explorer after using a telescope with a greased eye piece

and the Pièce de résistance

Wino herself:


I need a new face and since I am notoriously bad at making decisions that means I also need some help:

and what did you do today?



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5 responses to “What I did on my day off (instead of napping)

  1. Awwwh thats super cute! Looks like you had fun!!

    (Ventured over from 20sb. :) )

  2. Emily

    they are all adorable but just you being you is the best

  3. Paul

    Great work! Your imagination and talent are only surpassed by your natural beauty (both inside and out). Therefore, I cast my vote for Au Naturale.

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  5. Nola

    PHAAAANNTTOOOMMMM MAH LUURRRVVAAA!!!! (Wow, did that sound creepy, or WHAT?) My two favorite things combined: my sister and the Phantom! Just like Reece’s Piecies! Such a perfect world this is! (Sorry I’m hyper, haha.) I luv those pics Steff–you look so cute with your many faces!

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