I’ve been told I can be over-dramatic. Who, ME?!!!

Let me just say that you might not want to read this post if the thoughts and words of others can easily influence your emotions because, in all honesty, the last thing I want is to bring people down with me, BUT I totally feel like the lamest lame loser-faced loser who ever walked the earth, who nobody likes, who isn’t interesting or funny or intelligent blah, blah, BLAH.

I warned you.

Yesterday I sent an email to a bunch of folks on my contact list to give a general shout out or a “how U doon?” and to remind them that I still have this blog thing however much they might want to forget. So I write this email telling people to come “check out my blog!” promising that in exchange for comments left, I will create a special write up for each person in my next post.

That would be this post.

Now, of the 30 or so people I sent this email too, guess how many actually left a comment.

I’ll give you a second…

Ok, I’m can tell you don’t really care so I’ll just spit it out: 2.

Two people.

Can you guess who these two people might be?

If you guessed that The Bee was one of them, you would be wrong but actually quite close to right.

The only comments I got came from…

my Mom & my Dad.

Oh wait, and my Gramm responded to my email which I am equating as a comment because she’s always telling me that she doesn’t know how to retrieve her voicemail no matter HOW MANY times I’ve shown her so I figure an email response is her way of saying, “I finally figured out voicemail!” and that works too.

Now let’s hold on here for just a minute. Before you click away because I have proven myself to be nothing but an egocentric, bratty, cry baby, queen of self-deprecation you should know that you’re right because I am. However I’m not in any way trying to downplay the awesome which are the comments left by my parents, as a matter of fact they BOTH made me teary eyed with their words.

Still, the lack of additional feedback was one of those moments when you start to think that nobody besides the people who are responsible for bringing you into this world like you at all.

Like, not even a pity comment?


What makes it worse is today I changed my name on Facebook only to find that once I did that I lost a friend. That’s right, I got UN-friended for showing my real name to the internets. I’m not gonna lie, I went through all my friends trying to figure out who dropped me. What’s even worse is that I then started un-friending people just to feel some sense of vindication.

Have I ever mentioned that I get completely manic during the week leading up to, during, and often after, getting my period? That was a stupid question because I know for a fact that I have never discussed my womanly cycle in blog format so I’m just tearing down walls left and right today. But now you know that for 3 weeks out of the month I am completely nuts, dividing my emotional functionality between extreme highs and lows.

So, in short, I’m sorry for being such a self-indulgent whiny turd ball in this post. I hope you all Mom & Dad can find it in your their hearts to forgive me.

Seriously though, I still love a lurker.


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7 responses to “I’ve been told I can be over-dramatic. Who, ME?!!!

  1. RD4

    Hi, long time reader, first time commenter. Please update my contact info to my gmail address instead of my yahoo. Had I known that such important information regarding my favorite blog was rotting away in my unchecked yahoo account, I would have acted sooner. I have been enjoying your digital offerings from the beginning, and hate to think you ever feel you are lacking an audience. We’re out there, although some of us are quieter than others.

  2. 1. YOu are still as funny, talented, dark and lovely as ever.

    2. Really, you are going to let other people dictate your mood? WHat? That’s shit. You are better then that. Give people time. :)

    3. Some people like me have 5 accounts. Yeah 5… not because we are popular but because we are private! And only certain people get certain emails!! I haven’t checked this one in a while, so you get to upgrade to the one I check often… ailuj3@gmail.com!!

    4. Wow, I just posted that… that is LOVE!!!!!!!

    5. Are you still living in Red Bank? Do you still work for BMS!!

    6. TEll you what.. I will make you a deal since we both SUCK at communication and have no plans to change except maybe a smidge because we are mature and growing (yay for us!!) IF you write me an update letter every now and again I promise to read the bee more often!!

    7. Also tantalize me with pictures. THEY ALWAYS SUCK ME IN!!

    8. I’m running out of things to say!!

    9. Miss you girl.

    10. HEAD UP and keep ranting!!


    P.S I just wrote Mr, Smith last week!!!!

  3. Oh and one more thing…

    During the week of my period (Fuck the walls I didn’t even see them to break them down)

    The devil enters me plumps me up like a big, forces chocolate down my throat and word vomit on all those who dare to cross me!!!

    marriage material I am!


    • LILY!

      you must know that you calling yourself that took me back many many (how did we get this old?) years.

      thank you for the better contact email, i have now updated my address book and you shall be hereonout hit with the periodical update!

      you and i are kindred spirits, it is a fact. we’ve not been in touch for too long but that does not make our connection any less strong. that is my belief anyway.

      i am taking you advice and including more pictures on my site from now on bc i think you are right about their power to SUCK. PEOPLE. IN.

      now when do r U gonna start blogging?!

      <3 kamala

  4. I feel ya. I wrote something really similar a week ago… http://bit.ly/aKvxsE So don’t feel all alone!

  5. MJV

    Love it! Even though, I didn’t get the email update (haha- j/k) been reading, just never commented B4. In fact, I have been following religiously ( then you threw “The Bee” into the mix) & you are THE 1st one I have commented on. Keep up the good work!

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