Weekend Bee-jects #1

So I decided to add a weekly feature to this ol’ girl. Really, it’s a win-win scenario.

Each weekend I will post a selection of “rejects” from The Bee’s blog; above par pictures that he took during the week that just didn’t make the daily cut. So I get some weekend blog fodder (which I’ve never had before because I’m generally lazy and only mildly creative at best) and he gets the rest of his life’s labor recognized, because let’s face it, he’s taking A LOT of pictures and they deserve to be seen by more than just me.

Win, meet Win.

All photos were taken between January 24th-30th with a Digital Harinezumi V.2:

my country's newest flag

For more where that came from, click here.



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4 responses to “Weekend Bee-jects #1

  1. Emmy

    I love the pix & the words!

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  3. Tom

    Pic 0310 Could be a book/album cover.

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