Tequila Mockingbird

I’ve been wanting to do a “2009 In Photos” post but I guess I just haven’t been able to quite get my act together completely since the move. Little by little I get closer to the picture of imperfection my life was before but currently I’m just as scattered on the outside as I normally feel inside.

All together now: *SIGH*

We are (with fingers crossed) getting our loft bed/desk space/clothing storage unit this weekend so we can begin sleeping like normal people again instead of on the IKEA pull-out couch in our living room. The sleep is actually better than I thought it could be on a too small, somewhat shoddy excuse for a mattress, located 2 feet from our front door. Now it’s time to get real.

Oh man, get THIS – Over the weekend I did the unthinkable: I actually spent time with some of my friends! I know, WHAT?! It only took almost a year to see these girls and I had a blast. I also did the totally believable: brought my camera to said friend convention and didn’t take a single picture. So I still have no photographic proof that I have had actual friends for the last 5 years or so. Ah, well. You believe me, right? I also got uncharacteristically sloppy which The Bee thought was “cute” but had to remind me on the car ride home that I was “talking to him and NOT my friends” after blathering on and going into *possibly* (I was drunk, I recollect little) gross detail about the one time I went skinny dipping (drunk) during senior week. Somehow he still manages to love me. Further proof he’s a keeper.

In other news, The Bee is in the works of debuting his own blog in the coming week or so. I don’t want to jinx anything by preemptively discussing it but I will say that I’m excited for him and his daily blog endeavor. And although The Bee is clearly trying to one-up me with the prospect of once a day posts, I still manage to love him.

Since its inception last July, this blog has given me a much needed purpose, however self serving and sporadic that purpose may prove to be. In lieu of regular visits with a therapist, I have been lucky enough to get a lot of my pent up frustrations out in written form and a public forum. I guess I am more of an exhibitionist than I thought…

My plan for this year is to challenge myself by pushing the bounds of what I thought I could do and better yet, tearing down my comfort zone and just tackling the things I have been too afraid to do in the past. When it comes to “Should I?”, the answer is gonna be: “Damn straight you should, sister!” And when I start in with the good old “Oh, I don’t know…” I’m gonna shove a steaming pile of  “And why the hell not?!” in my own face.

This is all within reason, I suppose. If it comes down to “Let’s strip naked and discuss our favorite body part!” I will have to politely decline as I’m not even comfortable showing a mirror my birthday suit and my favorite body part is located below my ankles which I will gladly show off with no shame, any day, and therefore, undressing is unnecessary. Unless you give me drinks, and then round 2 of skinny dipping may be on the menu…

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