Arctic Blast

Einstein over here figured out how to upload pictures onto her blog even if your home computer isn’t functional: You bring your camera to work and do it there. I’z a Jeanyiss, ahm tellin ya. Next post I will be supplying the answer to the meaning of life which is bound to rock your world. If you are impatient like I am and enjoy spoiling your dinner and everything else, you can get the answer here.

For the rest, here is our pre-winter extravaganza provided by Mother Nature’s wickedly cold shoulder. People act like the falling of snow is the actual end of the world. I’ve been hearing that from the snowfall that occured this past Saturday, schools were still closed as of Tuesday. TUESDAY. Kind of makes me wish I was school-aged again. Kind of.

H sweet H

prepping my balls

prepping some balls

taking a break


bee don't need no stinkin' scarf. he's got a very impressive face sweater - thankyouverymuch



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One response to “Arctic Blast

  1. Jared

    I love your blog. I really don’t miss the snow but it looks real nice.

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