Boy OH Boy

Well, we did it. Mostly. The majority of our things are still sitting in a truck which is itself under about a foot of snow but for now we are making due with considerably less than we are accustomed to. I can’t say the transition has been the easiest but at least we are out of our apartment once and for all. In the spirit of giving I have decided, once we can dig the remainder of our belongings out of the snow, that I am going to donate a TON of stuff to Goodwill; i.e. kitchen table/chairs, dining ware, CLOTHES CLOTHES CLOTHES, shoes, etc. If anybody wants/needs anything speak now or forever hold your peace because I have more than I know what to do with and my New Year’s Resolution is to SIM-PLI-FY. I always thought I had been such a minimalist but this move has taught me something else about myself, which is: I am more like my pack-rat family than I had ever wanted to admit or thought possible.

Though I’m sure my presence missing from the blog world last week didn’t hit many (or any) radars, my reasons were pretty solid. I was in the process of moving AND losing my mind. I have since found most of it but I’ll have to ask you to excuse the mess for just awhile more because this week is Christmas and it couldn’t be coming at a worse time. Ok, maybe we picked the worst time possible to move and it’s not the fault of Christmas but you know what? I’m pushing the blame here.

Oh and SERIOUSLY, Brittany Murphy died?! WHAT. THEE. EFF? I am in fucking shock, even though I’m pretty sure she was all kinds of a mess and being fed all sorts of pills by her wack-job skeezer husband but SERIOUSLY? I’ve been waiting for her comeback from obscurity for a few years now. This brings major sads. Now I’m reading that Amy Winehouse is supposedly re-engaged to her douche nugget ex-husband. What a fool. I pray she hasn’t really sealed her fate this time.

It was a regular day-before-the-official-start-of-winter wonderland around here yesterday and we took a bunch of really cool snow shots but, of course, our computer is one of those many items which we have yet to retrieve so I have limited access to all my tech gadgets and gizmos.

That being said:

Pictures to follow.

Some day.

Hopefully soon.

No promises.

I’ll be lucky if I can find clothes enough to dress myself for this week.

So there…


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