Main Street, USA

At the end of the summer I took some pictures of our little street. Of course, this was ill planned as it was just starting to get dark when I decided to leave my crypt for the first time that day so the pictures aren’t the greatest. Then again, little I’ve got on this blerg is the greatest, but I’m doing what I can with my own pervasive imperfection.

I will really miss the convenience and atmosphere of Main Street which is both quaint and chaotic depending on when you visit. We have witnessed parades complete with 21 gun salutes, silent and somber 9/11 memorials and the ever present whizz and scree of police cruisers and ambulances all from the shelter of our 2nd floor sunroom.

a church with a boarded up window. you don't see that everywhere.

sunflowers NOT grown by me. you can tell because they are still alive.

le neighborhood park

As with so much else in life, it is time to move on…


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