Endings / Beginnings

In a little under a month, if all goes as planned, we are set to move out of our beloved apartment and into our new little cottage that The Bee has been working diligently on for the past few weeks. The prospect of the move has been both exciting and overwhelming as I never look forward to packing things, especially when those things exist in a much larger space currently than where they are about to be moved to. We will have to make a few adjustments, downsizing most of our belongings to fit into a much smaller space but I must admit, the simplification aspect of it really entices me. I look forward to using less energy, and generally having less STUFF everywhere. The biggest improvement may be that we will have full and total access to our breaker box and we can say goodbye to the times we sat in a darkened living room because our AC blew a fuse at 8PM on a Sunday night in August. Yeah, I won’t miss that.

our soon-to-be home

The cottage is on the same property as The Bee’s parents and it is very literally a stone’s throw from one house to the other. We have tentatively planned on having our wedding celebration, scheduled for next October, here amongst the fallen leaves and other miscellaneous tree dwellers. Here’s to hoping it looks as beautiful then as it did the day I took these pictures.



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2 responses to “Endings / Beginnings

  1. Wow the place looks great!!!!!! Good job Bee, I never knew you were so handy.

    Steff the pictures you took are beautiful. Christmas gift idea, frame the first pic and give it to Adel!!!!

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