I Got Nothin’

I’m working on this super huge post right now. I never intended it to be such a major deal but it’s been something I’ve been needing to write about sooooooooooooooooooo, this could take a while. While I’m working on this far-from-masterpiece I figured I couldn’t neglect all of the devoted (me) and the bee fans. 


In all seriousness, this blog has been more popular than ever as the last week has produced copious hits with searches for “james franco” and a “shirtless andy samberg”. I feel lucky to reap any of the benefits of this new and inexplicable trend which, btw, initially made me ask “Oh my god! Did they die?” Thankfully, no. So I thank all the “shirtless andy samberg” seeking fans. I am now a fan of YOU. For those who have stumbled here looking for beefcake and found a blogs-worth of pointless drivel I say to you 

“‘Why, hellooooo!” and

“I’m sorry…”

This past week of increased traffic did get me thinking a lot about this blog. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading of other people’s blogs, more so than usual, which may have something to do with the NaBloPoMo that I am sa-HOO not participating in because it will cause me to completely lose my shit at a time when I desperately need all my shit to be together. I figure I’ll push that off until next year, that and NaNoWriMo which, by the looks of this epic post I’ve got in the works, might be just the thing for a novel once I’m finished.

Back to the blogs I’ve been reading…

It has become CRYSTAL clear to me that there are people out there in blogland who write like, really really well. They are smart and witty, with perfectly appropriate funny bits thrown in the sauce, concise, thoughtful and above all interesting. Yeah. So this has been making me question my content and myself and my life and all sorts of things that shouldn’t be questioned when you are as emotionally unstable as I am and yes, probably always will be. Yes, it makes me want to be a better blogger and writer but the truth of the matter is that more than anything else, it makes me question if I even have what it takes to write more than the self-indulgent. Aaaaaaaaand, *sigh*.

But, enough with the sads, let’s share something, ja?

This is a piece from MTV past, a time when music videos were played in their entirety and where a video’s content served as inspiration to viewers, setting a standard for the art form. Or, maybe that’s just how I remember it… 

This video blew. my. mind. as a child of the 80’s. Since then, Tom Petty has forever been stationed as the first of many a musical crush and as the man who made Alice In Wonderland even creepier than Walt Disney ever could and that says a lot.


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