Calling All Canadians!

Are you Canadian? You ARE? Well isn’t this your lucky day. Awhile back I was generously gifted, by fellow blogger Schmutzie, a $20 iTunes gift card. Then I flipped the card over to read it’s valid only through iTunes in CANADA. Damn. Not being Canadian myself I figured this was a great opportunity to give something back to a northern neighbor. I really don’t like seeing things go to waste, SO if you are a Canadian resident with access to iTunes,



could be yours.*

Just leave a comment describing what piece of music you would LOVE to get your hands on, whether it would cost you $20 or more. Winner will be announced on Friday. Best comment wins, chosen by moi.

I know I certainly covet this rare 7″ split single showcasing one of the White Stripes earliest recordings together, Hand Springs. Check out this clip below to get a taste of what I’m talking about.

*There are no strings attached. I have no use for this card and as far as I know it is fully loaded with $20 to spend, Canada style. It will ship via the Postal Service at no cost to you. The only thing you must do is enjoy!



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3 responses to “Calling All Canadians!

  1. Sorry about that! I should have read the fine print. I’m glad to see you’re passing it on, though.

    • hey, it’s that thought that counts!
      if you know of any fellow canadians who might be interested in the card, send ’em on over. there have been no biters yet, and i’d like to think SOMEONE could use it.

  2. The Bee

    i can’t believe that nobody wants this thing? i mean, c’mon, $20 at the iTunes store, for FREE! peoples are weird

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