Back To Business

The title for this post is indicitive of quite a few things going on in my life. For one, actual business, work related, day to day -ish needs to be revisited. It seems in the last few months, since I actually grew some balls and started doing things that actually made me happy (I know, how dare I?!), I may have put some of the less pressing on-the-job issues, on the back burner. Appropriate or not I’m gonna throw out a big ol’ “Whoops!” right about now. I still bust my ass everyday at the hell-hole, it’s just that I’ve prioritized certain elements of my life over the more mundane tasks that I once ran to for the mere reason to occupy my time and keep myself “looking busy” – in quotes because that is a phrase used often by my boss, for example :”______ will be walking around the office today. Let’s do our best to look busy“. Yeah, because “looking busy” makes this living hell any more tolerable, thanks! Nevertheless, I’ve been slacking and it shows. I do feel bad about it, but more than that I realize that in order for me to EVER reach the goal of getting out from under the corporate thumb, I need to buckle down and do the best I can here. For now.

In BETTER business news (ha, get it?) we have been immersed in projects galore on the home front. Beside the fact that The Bee has been quite the bee, busily working, after work and on the weekends, at de- and then re-constructing our soon to be new home (so excited!), I have been juggling all the other to-do’s on my list that are soon to be due, namely the Halloween costumes. Whew! It’s been fun so far and it’s given me great practice on the sewing machine, which believe me, I NEED, but man oh man, do I EVER have far to go…

 Here lies the basic foundation of my costume:


Can you guess who I’m going to be?

 I’ll give you a hint:

 The safe word is “whiskey”.



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2 responses to “Back To Business

  1. Good for you Steff. Sometimes when you focus on the positive things in your life, it makes the difficulties easier to handle!!! But you still need to get out of customer service!!
    Love the costume, but you have me stumped?????????

    Can’t wait to see the new place.!!!!!

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