Sickness Leads to “Stains”

fabulous stains

I spent the majority of last week as a walking petri dish of sickness. If it’s airborne then I WILL get it. No amount of vitamin C or hard liquor could kill what was lurking in my chest and sinuses. Wouldn’t it figure that the first day I start to feel better is the same day that The Bee comes down with it? I’m so sorry! My apologies to whomever else I may have infected unintentionally. I’m bad news, baby.

In non-bad news, the sickness gave me the chance to finally watch “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains” which The Bee bought me last year for my birthday. I’ll just say that the movie was OK, not a full-on flop but nothing super stellar either. Saying that, I am a sucker for most any music film especially one that memorialized the late 70’s/early 80’s punk era so I already liked it based on the release date and a brief synopsis on the back of the DVD. The film focuses on a girl trio, a band of misfit runaways who seek fame and acceptance on the stage. A young Diane Lane is seriously fierce as the leader, Corinne “Third Degree” Burns, who pushes the group, and subsequently their fans, in the direction of social freedom through fashion. The Stains “skunk” look is cultivated by barely there red and black garments and hair dyed black w/ “white stripes”. Now, I couldn’t help but wonder if the film’s couture provided any inspiration for a young Detroit duo who implemented their own Red/White/Black color scheme? There is also the highly clichéd love/hate relationship between Corinne and punk frontman Billy which leads to a literally steamy (and what I’m pretty sure is illegal) lover’s tryst in a shower.

What I found most impressive was the fact that 1/2 of the original Sex Pistols line-up including Steve Jones and Paul Cook PLUS (and most awesomely) The Clash’s own Paul Simonon rounded out the headlining band on The Stain’s breakout/down tour. The movie is worth the watch alone for the star-studded cameo’s (pretty sure I saw an unbilled Mary-Louise Parker in one scene or at the very least a dead-ringer) not to mention Christine Lahti as Corinne’s aunt and a pre-Blue Velvet Laura Dern. Despite its fair share of poorly crafted scenes and more dead eyed looks from actors then you can throw a stick at, “The Fabulous Stains” is worth the watch for all the wicked tongue lashings and fashion bad-assery.


If I hadn’t already picked out my costume for Halloween this year, I’d be all about the “Third Degree”.



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2 responses to “Sickness Leads to “Stains”

  1. Kate

    my hair looked just like that in 1985 your mother wouldn’t do it so I cut it myself
    obviously thats where the trend began

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