(Not So) Lazy Sunday

Every weekend since returning from our Wildwood vacation, I have been 1) meaning to write a post about it and 2) basically holed up in our apartment playing PS3 (we’re working through the Lego series currently), determining which spiders can stay and which must go depending on where they are living in our home (I really hate them but they DO kill bad bugs and are especially effective if webbed near a window), and generally shirking all else of life’s duties and requirements.

Such an awesome team, we are.

Here is some pictoral proof of what we did (and did not entirely) accomplish:

ac moore

Went to A.C. Moore and bought the workings for a homemade silk screening project. We determined pretty early on that the “screen” (we used sheer curtains as suggested by a craft blogger) was a bit too porous and wouldn’t really work as-is. Any thoughts for a better material to construct a homemade screen for t-shirt printing?


Cut apart a skirt in the hope that I can turn it into a basic vest type-thingy. Yeah, that’s still what it looks like right now. I’m not sure how to tackle this one. I think I need a dummy figure so I can drape the fabric and take measurements. OR a volunteer who isn’t afraid of pin pricks. Anyone?

headband (5)

I DID, however, make this nifty little headband out of the waist band from above mentioned skirt. I used the existing button hole to pull fabric through from the other end, sewed it secure and then added a random square wooden button for embellishment. I’m thinking of creating more of these as holiday gifts for lady-friends.

cupcake (3)

This past week our family lost a beloved canine friend. The Bee whipped up some double strawberry cupcakes for our little niece to help ease the pain. In our house, the Bee is the butcher, the baker, AND the candlestick maker. Since this picture was taken, even fewer remain. They were DELISH.

b ds (1)

Here is The Bee trying to solve a tricky math puzzle on my DS. I hate math. I love my DS. It has a camera and internet access. Turns out the puzzle wasn’t math related after all. That was the trick.

making shells (5)

The Bee made dinner and was it ever GOOD. In my defense I did make the sauce, as much as throwing in some sugar & spices to a can of crushed tomatoes consitutes as making something. Though he scoffed when I said it, I stand by my statement that “These are the best stuffed-shells I’ve ever had” mostly because I’m pretty conviced they were and somewhat because I can’t remember the last time I had them. We are both very lucky that he enjoys making food for us. I don’t even know what we’d do if it were up to me…

shells tray (1)

I also succeeded at ruining YET ANOTHER article of clothing due to laundry-brain FAIL. Last month it was my expensiv-o No Doubt tour shirt that WAS hella cool and is now hella pink thanks to me washing it (unbeknownst) with a red rug. It is also apparently irreplaceable since neither or us have found it anywhere online and I’m pretty sure the tour is over, soooo…

This weekend it was a nice maroon polo shirt of Bee’s that now has spotty bleach marks all across the back due to my laying it out to dry on top of the washing machine which apparently had bleach residue on it. I’m not sure if this means I need to buy MORE clothes now or if this is some sort of sign pointing in the direction of downsizing and a general de-materialification in my life. How does one resolve the internal conflict between the WANT for certain material possessions and the NEED to live smaller & more economically?

This sounds like the beginnings of a whole ‘nother post…



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4 responses to “(Not So) Lazy Sunday

  1. Wow you guys do more in a weekend, than I do in a month.
    Steph, love the headband, you are so creative!!!!
    Bob, those shells look yummy, also is that mushrooms on top, I thought you eat NO veggies!!!!!!

  2. The Bee

    c’mon nik, you know better than that! the stuffed shells took (what felt like) hours to make, but it was totally worth it, they were really good. the best ever? i dunno about that, but they were pretty high up on the list.

    i abso love the headband, you need to make more and start selling them on etsy.

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