The Barber & The Bee

The other day the Bee got himself a haircut! His hair was getting really long and had since grown out of two previous haircuts, each slightly better than the one that followed so the cut was loooooong overdue.

seriously out of control

seriously out of control

Technically, I gave him said haircut so I’ll take the credit for inspiring in him the desire to take the fantastic voyage back to a time which encapsulates the height of WTF-fashion and just plain ugly.

I present to you the super-rad-tastic boss-ome (see what i did there?) braided rat tail!!! A.C. Slater and his mullet got NOTHIN’ on this…


Just look at how it delicately dangles from the nape of the neck.


Observe how it taunts you with its beauty as it trails down the back.

You wish you had one now, don’t you? It would be pretty bad ass to rock that piece without a care in the world but currently no one I know is above the long-term public humiliation. For now, the tail resides on my bedside table to be attached for special occasions where the viewer will likely be more embarrassed than the wearer.


meandthebee: bringing back hideous trends since today



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9 responses to “The Barber & The Bee

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  2. The Bee

    looking back now i think i missed the long hair… can we replicate that braid and make some sort of extensions for me? my head feels too light.

    i think i’m gonna rock the braid next time we go out. then snap peoples horrified faces as they saw me. i see a follow up post in the works….

  3. Ewwww that second picture made me cringe. Please don’t bring that fad back, I hate tales.
    I say you put the tail on Dan or JR when their head is shaved. Just a bald head and a rat tail, now thats a rocking look!!!! LOL

  4. Kate

    Thank god you cut that thing off as soon as you snapped the picture of it braided!

  5. Deirdre

    I love the rat tail…only you could bring it back bob! It”s the perfect bookmark!

  6. Emmy

    fashion comes and goes …..and usually comes back again! you’ve got to roll with it .not hold on forever.

  7. Nola

    Wow–nice braid! Now I know why I never saw Bob wear that, lol. It kind of reminds me of Anakin Skywalker.

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